Audio Description

Audio Description makes your content accessible to blind and visually impaired viewers, in whatever format you use. At its simplest, it’s an additional audio track that explains what’s happening on screen – action, location, costumes, facial expressions, scene changes…

It reveals the man hiding behind the curtain with a gun, the dirty look passed across the dinner table or the chair pulled out from under grandpa’s backside. It builds pictures with words, of the young couple sitting in an orchard on a hot summer’s day; a boat gilding across smooth water on a moonlit night, a snow leopard silently stalking its prey on a rugged mountainside. Its aim, always, is to give the viewer the same information and experience as a sighted viewer.

The obvious examples are TV and film, but audio description is also used in online streaming, corporate training videos, charity videos, and of course the arts (theatre, dance, opera, galleries and museums). There are no limits to what we can help make more accessible for your audience.